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The MAD (mad!) network was formed to maintain and develop the
Media, Art and Design fields within vocational education. It represents and engages in activities of common interest to all art and design teaching staff in
Victorian TAFEs and dual sector Universities

. The elected executive meet throughout the year to initiate a range of professional development activities and follow up issues that are raised at the Annual Conference.

The group has a number of roles



  • Continually evolving to match the changing environment and initiatives that reflect the representative Industries, relevant State and National Government bodies (ASQA, CMM, Price Waterhouse, etc)
  • Is primarily concerned with Innovation, Creativity, Design and the pursuit of excellence in vocational training.
  • Mad! Creates links with the various creative industries relating to the development of innovative and relevant training across the state.
  • Acts as an advocate on all issues relevant to the development and delivery of Victorian TAFE education and training in Art & Design.
  • Contributed professional input relating to the Visual Arts, Craft and Design Training Package – members attended a number of sessions organised by CREATE and VERVE, contributing to scoping, consultations and providing relevant industry advice.

Get in touch with MAD!

We’d love to hear from you so please get in touch on

Mad! Annual Conference & Professional Development:

The two day conference incorporates the Annual General Meeting. It has been held in early August and located at Hepburn Springs for the last 10+ years.

This professional development activity enables collaborative discussion relating to common issues across both metropolitan and regional institutes. It provides an opportunity to establish a dialogue on funding, industry directions, currency of professional training and related issues.

Leading Industry practitioners from key creative fields and representatives from pertinent government sectors are invited to participate in the forum and discussion.

For a full list of events since 1988, click here.

The MAD Executive

Michelle Crotty – Chisholm – Chair
Darren Smith – Box Hill
Kelly Russ – Chisholm
Dr Jan Donaldson – GOTAFE
Andrew Gannon – Melbourne Polytech
Joel Rainford – RMIT
Ruth Wellington – RMIT
Jesse Roberts – RMIT
Dr Kerryn Sylvia – SuniTAFE
Mark Boyle – Swinburne
Larry Parkinson – Swinburne
Roh Singh – Swinburne
Jose Rodriguez – The Gordon

Acknowledgement of Country

MAD! acknowledges the Kulin Nations
as the Traditional Owners of the Victorian lands on which we meet,
and pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging.

We also pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia,
and hope that the path towards reconciliation continues to be shared and embraced.

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